The Creation of Warehouse Sheriff

Warehouse Sheriff was born inside a 3PL Warehouse in Sydney Australia. In 2012, a small group of staff inside a successful logistics company, put their heads together to provide a solution to a series of issues abundant in old Warehouse Management Systems. Unhappy with the way things were running, the staff came up with the innovative idea of having a ‘cloud’ based WMS.

Their aim was to take a fresh approach to Warehouse Management, and with Warehouse Sheriff, they have certainly hit the mark. The highly dedicated staff have managed put the limitations of paper-based, out-dated models of WMS behind them, and implement a newer, more efficient system to keep up with the fast paced logistics world of the 21st century.

Here in 2015, the ‘Sheriff’ (as it has been appropriately nicknamed), has been well placed in the business for a significant period of time, and the staff behind its creation believe it is more than ready to be shared with the rest of the logistics industry.

Who Are We?

Stephen Donaldson


Stephen Donaldson is the director of Warehouse Sheriff and head proprietor of the transport and logistics company that inspired it. Steve has harnessed decades of experience in the transport,warehousing and logistics industry to bring about a new, improved solution to your warehousing needs.

Ross Donaldson


Courageous, charismatic and extremely knowledgeable Ross is a crucial part of the Warehouse Sheriff team. His high energy approach and outstanding commitment to people makes him the perfect person to answer all of your questions.

Christy Guillermo

Project Manager

She's worn a badge before as a police officer so we guess she is the real 'Sheriff'. She will use her detective skills to get to the bottom of any issue – almost as if she were a real detective!