Cloud-based System

The system exists in the "cloud", meaning it operates online. Any Wi-Fi device can access the service

Automatic Backups

This also means that data is automatically backed-up, reducing the risks of data loss and increasing data accessibility - keeping your business running efficiently

Customer Login & Access

Make your customers happy by allowing them their own access to Warehouse Sheriff - providing them with the ability to personally monitor their stock and build reports

Activity Newsfeed

Warehouse Sheriff have a social media inspired newsfeed central to its operation. You can see what's currently happening inside your warehouse in a transaction by transaction timeline. It's like Facebook for your warehouse.

Actions By Approval

The system's "User Permission" function allows you to permit (or deny) specific user's ability to perform particular functions.

Bulk Management

Quick control over inventory made possible via bulk data updates with the flexibility needed to use the system how you operate your business.

Inventory Grid

Manage everything currently in the warehouse and review the past, all from within an easy to use web-based grid. This grid is easy to use for anything familiar with excel and can be customised to the user's needs.

Audit Trail

Everytime someone logs in and does anything it is traceable and reversible.

Data Dumping (thru EDI)

Save the hassle of creating orders manually, data dumping automates order processing

Auto Pick

This feature helps in picking stock automatically by just a click of a button. Picking is based on the used by date of the product

Report Builder

Adapt reports according to your business needs. Thru the report builder, you can generate any report you may need, you also have the option to generate base on the customer name or even specify the exact product you want to check. Flexibility is what report builder is about.


Warehouse Sheriff can automatically generate a billable transaction using data within the system that needed for invoicing. Once an order (in and out) is completed, a billable transaction is generated.

Carton/Unit Scanning

In need to monitor individual carton? Warehouse Sheriff is capable of scanning individual carton with different barcode type.


See the status of orders as it happens. This feature shows you as soon as there is a status change in the order, it's colour coded! So it's easy to monitor.


Having a hard time using the system? Help is on it's way. Warehouse Sheriff have the help button to guide you in using the system

Pallet History

Every step, every details. Once pallet has been confirmed in the system, every transaction can be checked in the pallet history. You will have all the information.

Revert Deleted Pallet

Accidentally deleted a pallet? There is a permission to get the pallet back. No worries


Products need to be quarantined? Warehouse Sheriff have the feature to put pallets on quarantine, and system won't let you pick that pallet unless it's been released from quarantine.

Master Data

This is where all the information are inputted and stored. Product details, customer details, suppliers, customers. Every data that you need and will need.